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So I started a podcast about the TV show Letterkenny the other day. Pitter-patter and listen if you want to.

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Letterkenny Podcast Episode 004
Oct 30th, 2018 by letterkennypodcast at 6:00 am

On the fourth episode of LETTERKENNY PODCAST:

  • I catch everyone up on news related to Letterkenny
  • Review of Season 1 Episode 4: Wingman Wayne

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Here are the links:

Latest news on fire at J.H. Keeso & Sons sawmill: (https://www.southwesternontario.ca/news-story/8930755-keeso-family-weighing-future-options-in-wake-of-sawmill-fire/)

Letterkenny Live. Encore!: (http://www.Letterkenny.tv)

INDIAN WARS, SONGS FROM THE NORTH: (http://indianwars.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-the-north)


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[This is my first podcast and it's a solo effort so constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged.  Haters can suck a bag of dicks.]


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